milk sisters – Working title

East meets West like never before. When Zahra, a Jordanian divorcee, discovers she has milk brothers and sisters in England, she embarks on a quest to find them in the hope of changing her life.  With moving and comical consequences, the journey leads her to find not only herself, but true love where she least expects it.

Written by RANIA KURDI and

Based on an original story by RAINA KURDI.

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the rania show


A comedy sketch show produced for Roya TV in 2013 – 2014, highlights the life of five very different Arab women .


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The characters

the seventh sense

A romantic comedy about an Egyptian kung fu fighter (Ahmad Al Fishawi) acquiring the power to read minds in order to gain the love of Mona (Rania) and beat the World Champion, Fumanshee. Eventually he is found out and has to regain Mona’s love and people’s respect once more. Watch Movie


Rania appears in this independent film as LINA, a Palestinian/American mother who struggles with the memories of her childhood when she returns to the Middle East for a short visit with her daughter.


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